Consider Your Calling

Consider Your Calling

Vaughn Park

Following Jesus With Abandon - Luke 5:1-11

November 22, 2020

Today we continue pastor Vaughn’s new series on the life of Peter, a man who definitely considered his calling! He was just a common fisherman with his brothers when Jesus came along, and challenged him to not be just a fisherman catching fish, but a fisher of men. Most of us are familiar with the scene we’ll look at today, Simon Peter in a boat, being challenged by Jesus Himself to show just how much faith he really had! We are in Luke chapter five once again today.

About Consider Your Calling

Consider Your Calling is the radio ministry of Heritage Church in Grand Junction, Colorado, featuring the Bible teaching of Pastor Vaughn Park. 

About Vaughn Park

A native of Western Colorado, Vaughn was brought up in a believing home and embraced Jesus in faith as a teen. During a ten-year career in business, he served as a lay leader in local churches, gaining  practical ministry experience along the way.  A graduate of The Master’s Seminary, Vaughn is passionate about verse by verse Bible exposition.  He has pastored churches in Utah, California and Colorado, where he is now serving as Senior Pastor of Heritage Church in his hometown of Grand Junction.  Vaughn is happily married to Ronda, his high school sweetheart. He and Ronda treasure their family, including their daughter, Vanessa, son-in-law Daniel, and sons Josiah and Jedidiah.