Hope for Today

Hope for Today

David Hocking

Keep Yourselves From Idols!

August 16, 2022

July 2022 Special

July 2022 Special

With a global pandemic, wildfires, hurricanes and other natural callamities, it's easy to think that we are living in the Last Days of Planet Earth. On this topic, this month David has a few books for you to read at some discounted prices, to give you hope but also clarity. The Case for Pre-Tribulationalism The Day of The Lord is Coming! Living in the Last Days Ezekiel - Visions of God and the Future of Israel

About Hope for Today

Hope for Today has been created to share and teach the Gospel of our Lord (Yeshua) Jesus the Messiah, the sole component utilizing the Bible, the whole Bible and nothing but the Bible. May the teaching of God’s word produce a mature faith in times of trial, an inexpressible joy anticipating the day of salvation, and a fulfilled preparedness in becoming the bride of Christ.

About David Hocking

Born in 1941 in Long Beach, California, one brother Don, and his wife Betty – retired missionaries from Central Africa Republic and the Republic of Cameroon

David’s first wife Carole, went home to the Lord in 2015 after a long illness. They have three children and nine grandchildren, one of whom went home to the Lord shortly after birth.

David married Jade Deborah in 2016. She has a brother Richard, who with his wife Georgie volunteer at Hope for Today (HFT). Jade has one son, a daughter who is with the Lord, and two grandchildren.