National Crawford Roundtable

National Crawford Roundtable

Bob Dutko, Neil Boron, John Rush, Roger Marsh

Transgenderism and the Gender Debate

October 13, 2021

In this episode of the National Crawford Roundtable the guys discuss transgenderism and the gender debate. How should we, as believers, view and handle the gender confusion being thrust on our children? Could parents lose their parental rights or have their children taken away for physchological child abuse if they "mis-gender" their child or refuse to affirm their child's "gender identity?" Is it appropriate that school districts are ordering teachers to use preferred gender pronouns for children, and in some instances, keep it secret from the parents. California has enacted a new law that requires larger retailers to have a "gender-neutral" aisle for kids toys. LEGO toys announced they will remove figurines with "harmful" gender stereotypes. The guys also talk about the Lt. Governor of North Carolina using the word "filth" during a church service to describe the trangenderim and homosexuality being taught in our schools, and the demands for his resignation because of it.

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