Jack Graham

A Father's Faith

May 20, 2022

Today, Pastor Jack Graham looks at a powerful story of faith, when a desperate father finds that only Jesus can save the life of his cherished son, and in doing so, save the father, too.

See why you have every reason to have hope!

See why you have every reason to have hope!

Many consider Romans 8 to be the epic masterpiece written by the most prolific contributor to the New Testament. And it sends one message loud and clear: As a follower of Jesus Christ, you have every reason to hope. That’s why Dr. Jack Graham wrote a book of meditations on Romans 8 called A Hope and a Future. In it, I show you the four life preservers that God throws out to anyone sinking under the waves of confusion, doubt, or fear: Perspective, Protection, Purpose, and Power. A Hope and a Future isn’t about feel-goods or pat answers, but about pointing your heart and mind to the Source of hope, Jesus himself. So request your copy above, and discover how you can find true hope – and a real future – in Jesus Christ. Should you feel led to give a gift of $50 or more, we’ll also send you another book Dr. Graham wrote called Help! to thank you for your generosity. He wrote Help! to help you or someone you love to exchange any lie of Satan for God’s truth, and to exchange your anxiety, stress, grief, and fears for God’s peace. So whether you or a loved one are dealing with the chains of addiction, the pain of loss, or issues with anger, temptation, shame, stress or fear, in these pages we pray you’ll find hope in Christ… and the help and empowerment of the Holy Spirit to break free and begin afresh.

About PowerPoint

PowerPoint Ministries started as a vision of Dr. Jack Graham and his wife, Deb, 25 years ago.

They believed that the power of God was evident in their growing church and that His Gospel message should be spread beyond the walls of that church to the world at large. They put their faith into action and purchased airtime on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

PowerPoint¨ Ministries was then officially launched in April 1994.

Over the past 25 years, PowerPoint Ministries has grown to an expansive network of local, national, and international television and radio broadcasts. In fact, PowerPoint can be seen or heard by a potential audience of millions of television viewers and radio listeners across the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Iran, Russia, Israel and more.

About Jack Graham

Dr. Jack Graham is the pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the nation’s largest, most dynamic congregations.

When Dr. Graham came to Prestonwood in 1989, the 8,000-member congregation responded enthusiastically to his straightforward message and powerful preaching style.

Now thriving with more than 45,000 members, Prestonwood continues to grow. In 2006, the church began a second location, the North Campus, in a burgeoning area 20 miles north of Plano, and the church also has a flourishing Spanish ministry, Prestonwood en Español, with locations in Plano and Lewisville. 

Dr. Graham is a noted author of numerous books, including his most recent release Angels: Who They Are, What They Do and Why It Matters; Man of God; Unseen; and Courageous Parenting. His passionate, biblical teaching is also seen and heard across the country and throughout the world on PowerPoint Ministries. Through broadcasts, online sermons and e-mail messages, Dr. Graham addresses relevant, everyday issues that are prevalent in our culture and strike a chord with audiences worldwide.

He served as Honorary Chairman of the 2015 National Day of Prayer and he has served as President of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the country with 15 million members.

He and his wife, Deb, have three married children and eight grandchildren.