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Jack Hibbs

Antichrist is Coming To Town , Part 2

May 20, 2022

Donʼt miss Real Radio with Jack Hibbs. He continues in a series called, “The Book Of Revelation”. The Antichrist is coming and when he does, his presence will be known around the world. Through satanic means he will deceive many, and many will love him. Through evil and deception the Antichrist will cause people to grow cold towards Christianity, and despise the name of Jesus. That’s why in the here and now, we need to choose to receive Christ as savior before it’s too late.

The Printer And The Preacher – Gift Of Any Amount

The Printer And The Preacher – Gift Of Any Amount

The Printer and the Preacher: Ben Franklin, George Whitefield, and the Surprising Friendship that Invented America – They were the most famous men in America. They came from separate countries, followed different philosophies, and led dissimilar lives. But they were fast friends. No two people did more to shape America in the mid-1700s. With this Limited Time Book of the Month Special Offer, you can help us spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. For your gift in support of the Real Life Ministry, we will send you the current Book of the Month.

About Real Radio

Pastor Jack's desire is to see your relationship with Christ deepen and your effectiveness for His purposes maximized. His bold preaching will encourage and challenge you to walk with Jesus.

About Jack Hibbs

Jack Hibbs is the senior and founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, located in Chino, California. Jack and his wife, Lisa, began a home fellowship over thirty years ago with just six faithful souls. Today, the church ministers weekly to over ten thousand people on campus and to millions worldwide through daily media outreach programs.

Pastor Jack is well known for his passionate, verse-by-verse expositional Bible teaching; in addition, he is a frequent conference speaker. His numerous ministries, including television broadcasts, reach from West Africa to the South Pacific.

Jack and Lisa have been married for over forty years and are the authors of the book Turn Around At Home – Giving A Stronger Spiritual Legacy Than You Received. They reside in Southern California where they enjoy their children and grandchildren.