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Regenerate Radio

Brenen Beeler

Spiritual Hypersomnia

November 21, 2020

Today Pastor Brenen Beeler again leads us in a study in the gospel of Matthew. As we’re all familiar with, Jesus often taught in parables, and in chapter twenty-five of Matthew, we see the last recorded parables of the Lord before His arrest and crucifixion. Are you a little sleepy when it comes to your spiritual life? We need to be “woke”, because the Lord is coming back soon!

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Our desire at Regenerate Church is to revive and rejuvenate the body of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

About Brenen Beeler

Brenen Beeler is the founder and lead pastor of Regenerate Church, based in Orange County, California and is the speaker of the national radio program Regenerate Radio.

Pastor Brenen has been privileged to speak at conferences and churches around the country as well as speaking weekly at Regenerate Church.

Pastor Brenen leads a multi-generational church reaching people all throughout Southern California. He and his wife Morgan live in Orange County, California with their sons Sheaden and Brenson and their daughter Katin.