The National Crawford Roundtable

The National Crawford Roundtable

Bob Dutko, Neil Boron, Roger Marsh, John Rush

The Buffalo, New York Shooting and Other Mass Shootings - Episode 144

The National Crawford Roundtable | May 20, 2022

In this episode the National Crawford Roundtable discusses the recent mass shooting that took place in a predominantly Black grocery store in Buffalo, New York and the mass shooting in a California Presbytarian church. Neil Boron of Buffalo, NY comments on the effect it has had on his community and what actions are being taken for the survivors of the shooting victims, those who survived the shooting and the community as a whole. Roger Marsh will also talk about his very close connection to one of the heroes that gave his life to save others trapped in the church. The guys will also talk about other past mass shootings in the United States. How widespread is "White supremacy" in the U.S. today? Is the Brooklyn teenaged shooter really a product of "Fox News" and "right-wing media"? Or is it actually an example of Democrats and the liberal media eploiting the tragedy to further the narrative that White Supremacy is the #1 existential threat in America? That Republicans spew racist thetoric and fuel this threat? That we need more censorship of Conservative social media opinions? And that we need more gun laws? If Democrats are not using this for political gain then why is President Joe Biden going to Buffalo, but did not bother to go to other mass shooting sites like Waukesha, Wisconsin where a racist Black man who had called for violence against White people drove into a mostly White crowd at a Christmas parade killing 6 and injuring dozens more? And why didn't Biden visit the New York Subway in April when a racist Black man opened fire in the subway, shooting 10 White people--this, after he had posted his hatred towards and desire to kill White people on Social media platforms?

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